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American Cancer Society

It gives me great pleasure to provide a letter of recommendation for Ntersect Networks as a professional services partner of choice for deploying a Citrix XenDesktop Environment.

The breadth & depth of expertise, years of combined Citrix implementation experience, and consulting methodology were key qualifiers during our vendor selection process. With Virtual Desktop Computing in Enterprise Environments being such a new market in our industry segment, we found it challenging to find another integrator who could match the number of successful implementations & customer success stories that Ntersect Networks could provide.

Another key qualifier we look for is the level of customer service provided by a vendor. Our impression of Ntersect Networks is that it's a company run by customer focused engineers who truly care about upholding a highly regarded reputation in a very competitive market. This commitment to customer service is evident in your willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done right the first time, despite the intangibles that often plague any customer job. The timeliness of building our Proof of Concept, a thorough analysis of our environment followed by a concise presentation of a multi-phase solution with clear, realistic expectations, has been impressive to us to say the least.

I would without any reservations recommend Ntersect Networks for implementing a Citrix XenDesktop solution for any company in any industry. We've been very pleased with the results we've seen thus far and look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.


Ken Lu
Senior Systems Engineer

Home Depot Corporate Office

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Ntersect networks, one of our most prolific technical vendors here at The Home Depot. I have had the pleasure to work with this organization on a very high-profile Citrix Provisioning solution designed to consolidate and streamline our current Citrix infrastructure to maximize functional workloads.

Ntersect has been very instrumental with providing multiple solutions based on extreme requirements within a very short timeline. All assigned engineers were extremely knowledgeable of the product and methodical when providing solutions. It has been an overwhelming experience working with Ntersect Networks and I look forward to working with them on future projects.


Kenneth Burney
Lead Systems Engineer - Citrix Engineering

Grady Health System

Grady Health System purchased Citrix XenApp Platinum 3 months before a relatively small Epic implementation. Small in terms of desktops, but from a Citrix perspective, all clients were to be using Citrix XenApp for access to the Epic application, thus critical to the success of the project. Our original consultant on the site was unable to stand the environment up, and with less than a month a go, we decided to change paths and work with Ntersect. This project was a high profile project and could not fail.

Ntersect was able to immediately step in, with little notice or preparation time, and successfully deploy EPIC to our system of remote clinics using Citrix XenApp. The integration with Active Directory and other ancillary applications including PACs and Chartview was difficult as Grady's AD environment needed continual changes. Their technology expertise was apparent during execution and our staff was impressed with their superb performance under the mounting pressure.

Ntersect understands technology. They are wizards with Citrix and equally knowledgeable with Windows Architecture. Since the initial small Citrix implementation wrapped up, a much larger scope was quickly followed up with a 3000 node XenApp/XenServer implementation for our larger Epic Implementation. The Ntersect team continually brought innovative and scalable solutions to the table while staying within budget. They were a calm presence in the midst of quite a bit of chaos.

There are surely other implementers with good technical skills. I've been equally impressed with the ease at which doing business is done with Ntersect. The contract negotiations were as easy as I've experienced. The change control for the project was significantly less painful than other companies, where we needed to ass things to scope. Their constant attention to customer needs was evident with multiple engineers staying up through all kinds of hours to make sure the project staying on track. We threw multiple curveballs at them at various times in the project life cycle and each time they were able to adapt and make contact with the adjusted goal.

I feel confident in our infrastructure. That's the best compliment I can think of. I feel confident in their solutions and appreciate the various options they were able to bring to the table. They certainly value scalability in supporting an environment. However, sometimes I needed creativity in comping up with solution and they always offered multiple solutions knowing cost was always a factor for me. They counseled on the best practice, but understood the practically of the business.

I'm available for any specific questions if needed.


Keven Yearick
Director of Network Services

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