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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Our primary focus at Ntersect Networks is on the VDI space. One of our key engineers (Dwayne Jarvis) has given many desktop virtualization presentations over the past few years, all with a focus on the user experience. We believe Citrix XenDesktop is the number one solution for our customers. XenDesktop holds the trump card with XenApp, demonstrated to be the best enterprise application delivery system. Too many organizations are focused on delivering a desktop instead of an actual solution. How many end users use the desktop operating system versus the applications that run on the operating system? Every Ntersect engineer is certified in all components that make up the Citrix solution. Our engineers have been the architects of more VDI deployments than any other organization in the Southeast and have participated in some of the largest deployments in the country.

Application and Profile Virtualization

We have partnered with Citrix Systems and RES Software as one of their few Platinum Partners in the Southeast. This allows us to give our customers the best possible solution for their VDI use cases. Gone are the days of installing every application on the desktop and managing countless user settings manually. The path to a solid VDI infrastructure is through understanding these individual conditions. Application and profile virtualization plays a key part in ensuring a consistent user experience, and is essential in maintaining a solid Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Enterprise Consulting

Ntersect Networks employs top level enterprise architects. All of our architects have at least 10 years of experience designing and implementing corporate infrastructures.

Managed Services

All of our consultants are certified engineers and are routinely sent to training facilities to increase their knowledge. Our consultants can assist your company with a vast array of technical skills.

Enterprise Project Management

Our certified project managers can assist in taking your project to the next level. We offer a wide range of project management plans to help improve your IT staff's productivity.

Network, Microsoft Active Directory, and Citrix Assessments

Our architect-level engineers will assess your architecture and provide feedback in a formal presentation to the entire IT staff.

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