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About Ntersect

Ntersect Networks has been built from the ground up by our engineering staff. Our company specializes in VDI infrastructure, Networking, and Database Technologies. Our engineers have completed some of the largest VDI deployments in the country on a variety of different Hypervisors. Given the complex nature of these solutions you need an organization that has been there from the beginning. Ntersect Networks has been there working out the pitfalls often encountered with cutting edge technologies. Our proven methodologies are designed to keep you informed of the project's status every step of the way. From inception to completion our project sponsors receive updated documentation, a service many of our competitors choose to ignore but one we feel is critical for success.

We believe the future of technology is brightest for companies that provide end to end application access for their users. Our key partnerships and certifications with Citrix, RES Software, Microsoft, and Hadoop allows us to provide any organization a certified expert who can make a difference in your IT environment!


  • Ntersect Networks has a large number of Certifications throughout our organization.
  • Our engineers are certified in the latest Citrix Technologies, including leading edge products such as: Provisioning Server, XenServer, XenDesktop, and NetScaler.
  • A CCP-V certified virtualization professional has the tools and knowledge needed to administer, build, test, roll out and support multiple Citrix products.
  • The CCE-V certification focuses on best practices recommended by Citrix for analysis, design, and build/test of Citrix technologies.
  • The main incentive for hiring a professional with these designations is his/her knowledge, expertise, recognition and credibility in successfully deploying these technologies. Another benefit is that this same knowledge and expertise, when applied to small-to-large implementations, reduces costs, increases implementation success rates and speeds up implementation time.
  • Ntersect has multiple Citrix CCP-Vs and CCE-Vs on staff and ready to assist you with your application delivery efforts. In addition to the CCP-V and CCE-V, Ntersect also has individuals certified in these additional Citrix products: NetScaler Gateway, NetScaler Load Balancing, XenServer, Provisioning Server, and XenDesktop.

 RES Software:

  • User Profile Management has been in the forefront of every organizations mind and VDI only adds additional complexities to it.  RES WorkSpace Manager is modular in design and have a very fast Time To Deployment allowing organizations to feel relief quickly.
  • Ntersect has numerous RES certified engineers and is one of a very limited list of Platinum RES partners.


  • The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer is probably the most recognized industry certification in the business. Most every client expects a consultant to have this designation as sort of a "rite of passage."
  • Ntersect has multiple engineers certified in all the latest Microsoft technologies with the experience to make your project a success.


  • Symantec application virtualization and streaming delivers an unprecedented level of manageability and performance. With application virtualization customers can now support a desktop image and its applications as two separate entities.
  • Symantec application streaming allows for greater application flexibility. Applications no longer have to be installed locally, they are instead streamed on demand to the local desktop. All this can be done effectively while monitoring the licenses used and reallocating the available licenses to the pool. This solution has the potential of saving our customers an unprecedented amount of money.


  • Cisco Certifications are recognized as one of the foremost credentials for networking technologies. The Cisco certification exams are some of the toughest to pass. Cisco throws candidates into simulators and lab exams that can take candidates years to pass.
  • Every Ntersect engineer possess some kind of Cisco Certification. We have multiple Cisco CCNP's and CCNA's on staff.


  • NTersect Netowrks delivers a variety of BigData implementations utilizing MapR distribution of Hadoop OpenSource technology.
  • In partnership with MapR we provide enterprise-grade solutions that support a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses.
  • MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified BigData platform. 

Nimble Storage:

  • Storage IO has long been the bottleneck of VDI environments.  Nimble Storage helps to alleviate that bottleneck by utilizing their proprietary write IO engine that is able to produce an astonishing 20,000 IOPs on their entry level 3u appliance.
  • Ntersect has been partnered with state of the art storage vendors such as Nimble since 2007 since the beginning of True Windows Virtual Desktop VDI solutions have been on the market.


  • VMTurbo delivers an Intelligent Workload Management solution for cloud and enterprise virtualization environments. VMTurbo uses an economic scheduling engine to dynamically adjust resource allocation to meet business goals.
  • The VMTurbo platform first launched in August 2010 and since that time more than 4,000 cloud service providers and enterprises worldwide have deployed the platform including British Telecom, Omnicare and L-3 Communications.
  • Using VMTurbo, our customers ensure that applications get the resources they need to operate reliably, while utilizing infrastructure and human resources in the most efficient way.
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